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Your Letters

Praise for finding Lynn Riggs

I just read the article in Sooner Magazine [“The Lost and Found Lynn Riggs,” Fall 2021, by Connie Cronley] and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! What a beautifully written story, which I had never heard.

I graduated from OU in 1973 (with a Master of Music degree in vocal performance) and have lived in Southern California ever since. I taught voice at Chapman University for 18 years and have been at Cal State University Fullerton for 26. I was introduced to Oklahoma! when I participated in a production at Lawton High School in 1967.

Every paragraph of Connie Cronley’s article revealed something wonderful. Not only is she a fabulous and engaging writer, she also brought Lynn Riggs’ story to life in the most marvelous way. My voice teacher at Cameron University in Lawton was a student at OU during the time of Joe Benton and told similar tales of an amazing teacher, singer and person. The fact that Riggs’ and Benton’s lives crossed as they did was so heartwarming. 

I particularly loved the references to what Oklahomans do and don’t say! So true. I have a California friend by way of Minnesota who upon departing, insists on saying, “Y’all be safe now.” Drives me crazy. Oklahomans do not say that!

I so admire the work that has been done to uncover Riggs’ story, and the way Connie put it together made my evening. Thank you for being such an engaging writer and for finding such an important story.

Janet Smith, ’73 mm, vocal performance, Tustin, Calif.


Readers remember Mildred Boggess

David Levy’s article in Sooner Magazine [Fall 2021, Mildred Boggess: An organist worthy of note] was very interesting. Although I thought I knew a lot about her, this proves there’s always more to learn.  

 Glenda Ray, ’59 bs dietetics, Norman, Okla.

Let me say how much I appreciate the inclusion in recent Sooner Magazines of the series “Lest We Forget,” written by my friend Professor David W. Levy. His column is the first thing I turn to when a new issue appears. His latest piece, on our late colleague Mildred Andrews Boggess, is another gem. Please keep them coming. 

 Kenneth L. Taylor, Professor Emeritus OU Dept. of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Norman, Okla.

Thank you, Bob Stoops

 I am attaching an article regarding Coach Bob Stoops [Sooner Magazine, Fall 2009, “The Other Bob Stoops”] That article discussed how and what Coach did the University, the community and the children in area hospitals. It not only involved him, but also the team, the coaches and the enire staff. It warmed my hear then and that warmth has grown, especially in the last few weeks when Coach stepped up to assit our football program and the University when we need him the most! His life and schedule quickly changed because of his love and concern for OU.

Going back to 1999 when my friend (a Gator fan) said, “You’re going to be very happy with the hire,” I had no idea how Coach Stoops would impact the Sooner Nation and the University, but WOW, what a job he has done, above and beyond all expectations and all for his love of OU. God bless, Coach Stoops, and thanks for being THE MODEL SOONER!

Sam Talarico,’68 bba, Lewiston, NY

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