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The Big Reveal

Sooner Magazine, Spring 2023



 I LOVE the new Sooner Magazine! It’s visually appealing with many colorful photographs and just as academically stimulating as the old format. It has stories ranging from quantum physics to student recreation facilities, an operatic headbanger professor to students mentoring in the community, and celebrating diversity through meteorology programs that protect non-English speaking families to non-traditional students who are finding success on the OU campus. I’m already looking forward to receiving my next issue of Sooner Magazine.

Karen Gaddis 

’71 ba, math; ’74 ms, hum rel

Tulsa, Okla.


Thank you so much for the new look of Sooner Magazine. It is now full of short articles about OU graduates, professors, new buildings and people who loved being Sooners. Their stories make for good reading.

My hometown, Hollis, Okla., had five starters on Bud Wilkinson’s team in the 1950s: Darrell Royal, Leon Manley, Leon Health, J.W. Cale and Bill Calvin.

OU was so nice. They even called when it was discovered that my twin sister and I were not eating lunch during the week. We had classes from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., then went to work. I worked in the School of Civil Engineering office and Jeanene worked for the College of Business library. OU refused our lunch money! Who does that today?

 Four of us graduated from OU – Monte Moore, 1952; Jeanene and Marlene Moore, 1953; and Mac Moore, 1959.


Marlene Moore Shaw 

’53 bs, education

Dallas, Texas

Photo courtesy OU Western History Collections. Original illustration by Kyle Gandy/Midjourney.

Saluting Eugenia Kaufman


A beautiful tribute to a dedicated teacher!  Thank you for highlighting someone who deserves to be remembered.  As a foreign language major at OU, I know how important it is to go beyond teaching grammar and mechanics, and to give students a sense of the culture and beauty of the language.  I will always be grateful for the opportunities I was afforded as an OU student. 

 Chris Maricle

’70 ba, foreign language education 

Tulsa, Okla.