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Your Letters

Dorothy Riess recalled fondly

It was a wonderful surprise to read about Dorothy Young Riess’ busy life in the wonderful article in Sooner Magazine. I always remember that Miss Andrews considered Dorothy a marvelous student while I was a student at OU. This article was so informative about how she continues to be exceptionally creative and productive ever since those years in Norman, Okla. I consider her the most successful and productive of all alumni from the University of Oklahoma. I shall watch for her name in my future issues. Most sincere best wishes to Dorothy in whatever she decides to attempt in the future. It is a real pleasure to have known her and to hear of all she has done!

Joyce Hermann

Enid, Okla.


Parents grateful to OU

As a parent of an upcoming graduate I can honestly say that this is a dream come true for my daughter to have attended one of the finest universities. As parents, my husband and I watched her grow from small-town, rural eighteen-year-old girl into a fine young lady the past four years.  We knew the first time we visited the University of Oklahoma campus in 2014 that this would be the place for our daughter, Brianna Ogden, to learn and excel in her studies and in life. She has been blessed and experienced some amazing adventures through the study-abroad program — touring Italy first, then Spain, Portugal, France, England and Ireland this summer.  

We couldn't be more proud of her for what she has accomplished and are sincerely thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this awesome university.  We have former President David Boren to thank for much of her success for the study-abroad opportunities, as well as the professors at the university at all levels of her education. As we look back on the past four years, we have many fond memories and, looking ahead, we have so much to look forward to.  We wish President Gallogly much success at OU. BOOMER SOONER!

Sharon Ogden

Stilwell, Okla.


President Gallogly welcomed

Good job on the President Gallogly article. Where did he get that great tie?All best wishes for "fair winds and following seas" to our new President.

Ken Priest, '61 bs, geol.

Oklahoma City



Thanks for this wonderful article. Jim has quite a story. We are indeed fortunate.

John Schaefer

Norman, Okla.



The piece on President Gallogly was masterful. I am convinced that he is the right person at the right time for OU. His story is compelling and is vision is well formed. To say nothing of Goethe. Thanks for all you do so well.

Eugene Enrico

OU Ruth Verne David Reaugh Professor of Music

Norman, Okla.