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Your Letters

Remembering ‘Indian’ Jack

I enjoyed the story “ ‘Indian’ Jack Jacobs” by Rich Podolsky in the fall 2017 issue of Sooner Magazine. My family lived in Oklahoma City, and I was a boy of seven, when my parents, Paul and Sarita Mendoza Pugh, came home from the OU vs. Santa Clara game in 1941. They told of it raining during the game. And how Jacobs punted the ball 90 yards in the rain. Figuring that the punter is about 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage from where it is measured, it was officially a 76-yard kick. So, they were right on the mark. It was an incredible punt! The article brought back memories of their joy and excitement as they told me about the game. Thanks for the great article!                                                                             

Al Pugh, ’57 ba, poli sci, ’58 ba, laws, Reno, Nev.

Just when I think he has long been forgotten despite his unbroken records, somebody brings him up.  We are so honored by the article.  In the Muscogee (Creek) culture, first cousins are treated as siblings and other relations follow from there. Jack was my father’s first cousin; thus, he was my Uncle Jack. We appreciate Sooner Magazine and the reporter for the article. Thank you.

Justice Leah Harjo-Ware, Supreme Court Muscogee (Creek) Nation ’82 ba Shawnee, Okla.

My father, RJ “Bob” Cortright, was the head coach at Muskogee who recruited Jacobs and won the state title in 1935. Bob was inducted to the Oklahoma Coaches Hall of Fame in 1975. He had coached at various high schools for 20 years, winning 10 state titles. My dad died in 1989, age 92. I grew up loving OU football and still do!

P.S. My dad also coached Cliff Gettings, who later became the high school coach for President Gerald Ford in Michigan.

Bob Cortright, Oklahoma City

Getting his masters

I would like to make a point regarding a correction to the spring 2017 Sooner Magazine. On page 19 of the article written by Jay C. Upchurch it mentions that Charlie Coe and Hunter Haas were the only amateur OU players to play in the Masters.  That statement is not correct. Cliff Pierce advanced to the semifinals of the U.S. Amateur in 1983 while he was a member of the OU golf team.  At that time, the top four finishers in the U.S. Amateur played in the Masters, which Cliff did in 1984 while still an amateur. Thank you.

David Griffin, San Antonio, Texas

Community health approach celebrated

I’m a 1970 graduate of the OU College of Medicine practicing family medicine. I’m medical director of Hopelight Medical Clinic, which is a free and charitable clinic in Longmont Colo., seeing underinsured patients. We see homeless, undocumented, as well as anyone who needs medical care. No one is turned away. We run by mostly volunteer medical folks. Your article on Community Medicine in fall 2017 Sooner Magazine was very well written. It addresses the issues that these patients face. I will share this article with our clinic staff. We also get students from various medical disciplines and will encourage them to read this as well. Our clinic is physically located in the Collyer Street Church of Christ building in Longmont. I feel very blessed to be able to offer our services to our community. Thank you for this timely article.

Stephen W. Haskew, ’70 m.d., Lyons, Colo.

Praise for Gaylord

I know you were running out of space for the fall 2017 Sooner Magazine “Postscript,” but couldn’t you have squeezed in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications as one of President Boren’s major accomplishments during his tenure?

I was on campus in March and saw for the first time the new facility, and had the chance of hearing presentations by some of the advertising and marketing students. Great time, great school. I try to talk up the Gaylord College every chance I get, most recently at my alma mater, Shippensburg University, Pa.

Ron Keener, ’67 ma, journ, Chambersburg, Pa.

I received my hard copy today of Sooner Magazine, and I was particularly inspired by the letter from the J-school dean about how reporting by the news media should be. I went to the digital edition of the magazine, because I wanted to put it on my Facebook page to show my friends in this part of the world (south Louisiana) what is still being taught in at least one J-school, showing that there may be hope left. However, the “Your Letters” section didn’t appear in the digital version. Can we expect it in future issues?

Mark Files,’63 bba, journ’64 ma, bus., Covington, La.

Study Abroad in Arezzo

I so enjoyed the article on Arezzo in the winter 2017 edition of Sooner Magazine. Our granddaughter (Natalee Collamer ‘16) spent a semester in Arezzo. Her experience fostered a love, maturity and appreciation for not only Arezzo but all of Europe through her European travels.

Elaine Carter, Coto de Caza, Calif.

Prairie House revisited

In 1961 the Greene house featured in your recent issue [summer 2017] was new. I was a journalism student working part time for Sooner Magazine. Then-editor Carol Robinson Burr sent me out to write about this new architectural oddity. Herb Greene, his wife and two small children were living in the house. It was a marvel with its huge east- and west- facing windows to capture the morning and evening skies. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate all that the Greenes showed me that day, but I am happy to learn the house is anticipating a new role in the life of my favorite university. 

Connie Ruggles,’62 journ, Tallahassee, Fla.

Women’s athletics underappreciated

I am an OU alum (BA and JD) and played on the women’s tennis team from 1973-77. I have more than a passing interest in women’s sports. I have followed the softball team for a number of years. When we won our national championship this year, I was elated and very pleasantly surprised.

When your summer 2017 edition came out, I was delighted to see the excellent article about the softball team. It was well written and made me feel even more proud of what those young women and Coach Gasso et al. were able to accomplish. Then, I saw the front cover and experienced déjà vu. Once again, it appears the women athletes take a back seat to the men. I get it. Football is king. But, this did reinforce my belief that the football team is over-celebrated, and the women athletes are under-celebrated.  Especially when one considers the national championships won. In my dream world, the picture on page 23 would have been your cover. And, Bob Stoops’ retirement would be on page 22.

Maybe, in my lifetime, things will change. I can only hope. Thank you for letting me vent.

Susan Ross, ’77 ba, hist., ’80 j.d., Oklahoma City

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