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Your Letters

Memories of the Armory

Thank you for the story about the armory.  In 1946 I was part of the first class of the Naval ROTC.  I was in the armory for classes.  Navy officers taught navigation along with other naval science subjects.  We practiced marching in formation in the armory or on the vacant field to the east.

My class members graduated and were commissioned as ensigns in June 1950.  As we made our way to our assignments the Korean War broke out.  For three years I served as electronics officer maintaining radar and radio equipment on the USS Henry W Tucker DDR 875 operating with the aircraft carriers of the Seventh Fleet off the coast of Korea.

John Westervelt, ’50 bs, elect engr, Tulsa, Okla.

Great article on ROTC at OU. As a member of Naval ROTC unit at OU from 1966-1968, my participation as a proud midshipman provided me with a strong foundation for service to my country, raising my family and my career in the business world. June 2, 1968; was one of the great days in my life in earning a BA and being commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy. In September of 1968 I deployed to Vietnam in the Riverine Forces and proudly served.

Glad that ROTC still has a strong presence at OU.

Wayne C. Telford, ’68 ba, hist, Grand Junction, Colo.

As a retired Army veteran and former special instructor at OU (1971-73), I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of ROTC at OU and stories of some graduates’ careers. My family all served in the military, from parents (WWII) to brothers — ROTC commission at Arkansas, older brother graduated from OU after Air Force tour — and grandfather veteran of WWI. So appreciated your article and so glad to see that the armory is going to be restored. 

Tina Smith, Tulsa, Okla.

A great edition of the Sooner Magazine and thanks. I graduated from OU in 1957 and was commissioned a 2/LT and then on to active duty, not intending to stay in the military beyond my two years.

Almost thirty years later I retired following a great career with my lovely wife and three daughters accompanying me to places in Africa, Portugal, Italy and many states, including Hawaii. I did do my time in Korea as well as Vietnam (tank company commander in the Ia Drang Valley in 1966 with the 25th Inf. Div ) leaving a small bit of my hide there. Served on jump status at Ft. Hood as well as working in the Pentagon. Our family thrived on the moves, with two of our girls graduating from high school in Italy and the youngest was born in Hawaii.

See what ROTC can do for a fella!  Again, thanks for the very nice articles in the magazine. 

Richard R. Russell, ba, hist  ’57, Colonel (Ret.) USA, Gig Harbor, Wash.

The Hume Chronicles

Thank you for an amazing story [“The Hume Chronicles,” Sooner Magazine Fall 2018].  I love OU football and really enjoyed reading it. I’ll probably track down a copy of Mr. Keith’s book as well. One question … did you follow the trail of “Iowa native Roy P. Stoops” to see if there was any relation to Bob?  Boomer! Respectfully, 

Chris Hale, Norman, Okla.

Kudos for Sooner!

Just want to send my kudos for this edition of the Sooner Magazine [Winter 2019].  As soon as it hit my email, I read every article — all were well written and fascinating.  Keep up the good work!

Chris Maricle, ’70 ba, French, Tulsa, Okla.