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Your Letters


 I spent the morning reading the Winter ’23 issue of Sooner Magazine.  Your team does a remarkable job with this publication, and I found this issue, in particular, to be truly great. I appreciate the variety of topics that seem to cover work and life across the campuses. I always skim some articles and read others word for word based on my areas of interest; it's a publication that seems to be thoughtful about appealing to a variety of readers. 

 Thank you for sharing in such a high-quality way the stories of the wonderful things happening at OU.

 Amy Hollis Bodwell, '00 BS Acct., ’00 MS Acct.

Dallas, Texas




 Your “Sooner Shorts” piece on “Fusion for the Future” (Winter 2023) really piqued my interest. Fusion energy has long appeared to be the holy grail of clean energy research. I was aware of the recent breakthrough to which your article refers. However, that this should already have people beginning to look at commercialization of this energy source is a surprise. And that OU is an early mover is really exciting. I know we aren’t talking about tomorrow. Nevertheless, I would love to hear more. How did this come about? Who are the industry partners? How did the Oklahoma-based tribal nations become involved, and what is their role? (I think this is a particularly interesting development. I hope it will be proactively used to excite their young people to pursue STEM educations and related careers so they can play an integral role in this exciting development.) Finally, I  would like to hear more about the simultaneous effort to explore and track fusion energy's societal implications. 

I’ll be watching future issues of Sooner Magazine, hoping for more.


Mike Haines, 1967 OU MS Ch.E.

Tigard, Ore.



 This was a great article about the history and the development of the OU Men’s golf program (Winter 2023)!   We are following the success of one of the current team members, Drew Goodman. We know his family very well and love reading about the success they are having this year!  

 Congrats to Coach Hybl and his passion in building the program around the past tradition and successes of OU men’s golf.  Good luck in 2023 … Boomer!

Tony and Jana Leddy

Edmond, Okla.